About us


ezyZip began life in 2009 due to frustrations with existing online zip/unzip utilities. They all required you to upload files to some server (i.e. slow and no privacy!) and had paltry file size caps (in the 20-30 megabyte range! yech!).

The first version was a simple zip and unzip utility built with Java applet technology.

ezyZip in 2009

Unfortunately applet technology was already on the wane at the time, so eventually it was converted over to javascript, which can run natively in the browser.

ezyZip in 2014

Over time more and more archive formats have been added along with international translations.

Ongoing Purpose

The purpose of this website is to provide simple solutions for dealing with archive files. We don't think you should have to install bloated software for basic compression, extraction and conversion operations.

We also don't think there should be file size caps or the need to upload to a server. It should just run in the browser!

This site is owned and operated by WebbyAppy OÜ, a boutique web development company specialising in simple online tools and utilities.