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 Video Instructions

Video guide showing how to reduce size of tiff image files. You can reduce by percentage or by setting a specific target file size.

How do I reduce size of TIFF files online?

You can reduce tiff file size by setting a specific desired file size or reduce by percentage.
  1. Enter the desired TIFF file size in kilobytes and then click "Next".
    Reduce tiff Below Specific Size
  2. To reduce TIFF by percentage, click the "By Percentage" tab and enter your desired percentage reduction. E.g. 30 for 30% file size reduction and click "Next".

    Reduce tiff By Percentage
You will be redirect to the correct file compression page. The page contains further instructions for reducing TIFF file size.

What is TIFF file size reducer?

At ezyZip, we offer an advanced compression feature that allows you to reduce the size of your TIFF files either by setting a specific target file size or by selecting a percentage reduction. This functionality is perfect for tailoring TIFF files to meet various requirements or limitations. Whether you need to comply with size constraints for uploads and emails, or simply want to save disk space, you can easily customize the compression to fit your needs.