About Us

Welcome to EzyZip! We're a team of professionals dedicated to simplifying your file compression and extraction needs.


EzyZip in 2009

ezyZip early version

ezyZip began life in 2009 due to frustrations with existing online zip/unzip utilities. They all required you to upload files to some server (i.e. slow and no privacy!) and had paltry file size caps (in the 20-30 megabyte range! yech!).

The first version was a simple zip and unzip utility built with Java applet technology.

EzyZip in 2014

ezyZip early in 2014

Unfortunately applet technology was already on the wane at the time, so eventually it was converted over to javascript, which can run natively in the browser.

Over time more and more archive formats have been added along with international translations.

Together, we're proud to offer EzyZip as a free, easy-to-use solution for your file compression needs. Whether you're dealing with ZIP, RAR, TAR, or 7Z files, EzyZip has got you covered. Give it a try today and see the difference for yourself!

Our Team

andrew dyster profile

Our team is led by ezyZip founder Andrew Dyster. With a background in software development and a knack for innovative problem-solving, Andrew saw a need for a user-friendly, web-based file compression tool. His vision was to create a solution that was not only powerful and versatile, but also easy to use and accessible to everyone. The result of this vision is EzyZip, a tool that requires no downloads, no installations, and can handle a variety of file formats fast.

hong le profile

Hong Le, our Web Developer, Designer, and Content Creator, is the mind behind the seamless functionality and aesthetic appeal of EzyZip. With her expertise in web development and design, Hong has created a platform that is not only efficient and reliable but also user-friendly and visually pleasing. In addition, her creative content strategies have helped EzyZip reach millions of users around the globe. When Hong isn't busy strategizing for ezyZip, she dedicates her creativity and expertise to Rose Pixel, her very own creative agency. At Rose Pixel, she's instrumental in nurturing growth and success for a multitude of businesses.

jesse profile

Jesse Stewart, our Video Virtuoso, is the creative force behind all our YouTube videos. Jesse's knack for video editing and storytelling has helped us create engaging and informative content that guides users on how to make the most of EzyZip. When not shaping ezyZip’s narrative, Jesse is the vibrant host of 'Meat in a Park', our sister site's YouTube channel. His passion also spills over to his personal YouTube channel, where he brings smiles with his humorous sketches.

ezriah-zippernowsky profile

Ezriah Zippernowsky, our Creative Technology Writer, is the voice behind our informative and engaging articles and videos. With a deep understanding of technology and a flair for writing, Ezriah creates content that helps users understand and navigate the world of file compression with ease. Ezriah represents the collective voice of the entire team.

Ongoing Purpose

The purpose of this website is to provide simple solutions for dealing with archive files. We don't think you should have to install bloated software for basic compression, extraction and conversion operations.

We also don't think there should be file size caps or the need to upload to a server. It should just run in the browser!

This site is owned and operated by WebbyAppy OÜ, a boutique web development company specialising in simple online tools and utilities.